Alternative Heating

In April, 2018 the Mountain River East Board of Directors revised the Alternative Heating Guidelines.

The revised Guidelines focus exclusively on Mini-split Heat Pumps:
Mountain River East Alternative Heating Guidelines: Mini-Split Heat Pumps

The Board compiled a list of Questions and Answers to help residents better understand these systems and how they will fit into our community:
Mini-Split Heat Pump Q & A

When deciding if a system makes sense, owners should factor in the cost of heat relative to other sources:
Heating Fuel Costs Comparison

The exterior components will be housed within shed enclosures. MRE currently has several shed enclosures for Propane and Kerosene Tanks:
Existing Shed Enclosures (April, 2018)

Owners must submit an application to the Board of Directors for approval prior to beginning any installation:
Application for Alternative Heating System

Owners must enter into an Installation Agreement with the Association prior to beginning any installation:
Alternative Heating Installation Agreement

Owners must submit detailed plans drawn to scale for the exterior system components:
Sample Exterior Plans